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December 2015 - "How I love being a missionary"

2 December 2015
Transfers - Tuchu Elder Shannon..
About the late as email… Last week we received a text message that P-day on Monday was cancelled and P-day will be on Tuesday the same day as transfers. Our mission (being the best mission in the world) has a transfer meeting that the whole mission goes to, it’s the best. But because our mission is small geographically, everyone just goes, even if your not leaving your area and President, he says, hehe, “My missionaries just like a party” haha!
Sisters at Transfer meeting
But from now on, the week of transfers P-day will be on Tuesday so we can choose to go or not. It's cool but matey, mate, yesterday was a struggle, its' like my body knew it was Monday! 
Oh my, I'm so happy, this whole week I would literally wake up during the night just thinking and praying about how much I didn’t want to leave.  But President Broadbent is the best, hahah he’s so funny, when I called he’s like “sister I was just moving your name on the transfer board” NOOOOOOO! Presidente
I promised him lots of hard work and lots of BAPTISMS if he let me stay!!
..which brings me to my next topic: Dulcinete was BAPTISED on Sunday!!! <3 <3
BATISMOO, Dulinete   <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

It was perfect, she’s so converted and was so, so, happy, and invited so many people! After her baptismal service she says to me “Sister, can you help me fill out my tithing form?”
WHAT?! She was just baptised and doesn’t even have a membership number and is already paying tithing <3 <3 I shed a tear, so happy.
Kedley, Pracilla e Familia 
Kedley and Prascilla are perfect still, looking forward to their wedding but more importantly their BAPTISM, on the 13 Dec. We had such a great lesson with them this week about the Priesthood and about how Kedley is going to be such a blessing to their home because of the Priesthood and will be able to bless their two BEAUTIFUL girls when they're sick or worried/nervous. It was quite a spiritual lesson. I’ll be FOREVER grateful for knowing this family and for having this opportunity to have taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After the lesson, Sister Ramos told Kedley as one of the standards to hold the priesthood, he’ll need to take out his eyebrow piercing, but when he’s ready. 
…What did Kedley do?? 
Took it out right then and there. So prepared. 
I’m always so taken back when I witness people take steps of faith, like I don’t even know how to describe half of these experiences I have. Just so grateful and so happy.
Kedley is also so FUNNY, our lessons are always so hilarious but with the perfect amount of spiritual, but he was telling us how on Sunday when our other investigator Arnaldo told the Gospel principle teacher he was an investigator, Kedley thought, 'WOW! He’s investigating the church, so legit, like he’s tops' and then after he asked us what an investigator was and we are like…umm "you’re an investigator as well." Hahahah He always jokes about how he’s way fancy since he’s an investigator! hahaha, BEST FAMILY!
Alrnaldo has a baptism date for this Sunday, he’s has so much faith and really is searching but still wants a more stronger testimony of The Book of Mormon before he gets baptised. But we are working with him and we are confident he will receive his answer before Sunday.
With our investigator Lou
I love my area and am SO STOCKED to be here for another 6 weeks, the work is really happening here and I'm eternally grateful to be a part of people's conversion process here in São Bernardo 5   <3
Sister Bennallack 
PS. On Saturday, I hit my SEVEN months of my mission! Wowzaaa, went so fast.. what da crazy ^.^

8 December 2015
This week went so fast, LIKE A FLASH OF LIGHTING fast, but I think that's because we had P-day on Tuesday last week? 
So..Arnarldo didn't get baptised yesterday). :( SAD but only like 2% sad because HE GOING TO GET BAPTISED THIS SUNDAY )  He has a testimony of O livro de Mormon and knows that his time is now. 
Anyway, we want so wait till this Sunday becuase he has invited his WHOLE FAMILY.
Next Sunday will be the best day of my life I reason, because not only Arnarldo will be getting baptised but so will Kedley and Pracilla!   It will be such a great baptismal service.
Duliente was confimed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints yesterday <3 <3 She was so happy ,she's just the best!!! She calls Sister Ramos and I her angels. Hahaha! But I secretly think that's because she still has a trouble with my last name........ haha! bless her!
.....Still my dream to have a confimation and a baptsim on the same Sunday...but lucky I have plenty of time to make my dreams come true haha ;)
Yesterday at church was also the Primary program. OH MY CUTENESS. I may need to adopte a Brazilan child, soo cute. And Taliah the daughter of Kedley and Pracilla was in the Primary program as well <3 <3

We are also teaching these primary age girls now as well...they sit next to me during sacrament and can't stop touching my hair...  #spotthewhitegirl haha!  They are seriously so cute.
We had so many cool experiences this week, but one that I knew would happen (I don't know, so weird). We where teaching Bruna, one of our converts, and her cousin who is kinda scary was in the room as well but on his phone with head phones in. We tried to teach him ages ago but he wasn't keen at all… anyway, we taught her the Plan of Salvation again but way simple and really tailored it to her, using her name in scriptures ect. Anyway, it was such a good lesson, like so smooth. ANYWAY, after the lesson, Wesley (the cousin) told us that we really must love Bruna and asked if we can teach him as well AS HE WAS LISTENING to us and not music THE WHOLE TIME.
AHH!!  I knew it!!!!! 
I love when these moments happen, it's crazy how much the spirit will always testify of truths. We just need to open our mouths.
Life is the best, I'm so happy to still be here in São Bernardo 5.  
Sister Bennallack 

15 December 2015
AHHhh! What a crazy week, it was probably the best/BUSIEST week of my life!!! 
I am so HAPPY to annouce that Kedley and Prícilla are now husband and wife!!! And WERE BAPTISED YESTERDAY   <3 <3 <3
At the Registry Office - Sao Paulo
What amazing weekend it was.  The wedding was Saturday morning, they just got married in that office place.  (Legit, I can’t think what it’s called in English, lol!) But it was beautiful still, and we had permission from President to attend. They picked us up at 7am because lots of people will be getting married, and mate, they were right.  So many brides in white. It was cool though. So in Brazil the law is a little different, like the same as in New Zealand, how as members you can't get married directly in the Temple. But it was so cool to see this happen. Their daughters Taila and Sofia where SO EXCITED haha..but so were Sister Ramos and I!!
A beautiful family...
A few couples from the ward including the Bishop and his wife came as well to support, it was the best! <3 After they got married, we went to this park nearby to take photos.   IT WAS SO FUNNY, so São Paulo right...parking is a nightmare and we where driving around for ages looking for a car park.. then next minute we turned this corner and what do we see..? Another chapel of our church. Ayyayayay haha! IT was so funny, Kedley was like, "Can we park here?"  Sister Ramos and I were like, "They will not ask any questions when they see our badges."  They thought it was so cool, hehe, you've joined the right church guys ;)

Families are Forever

Prícilla look so stunning as well.
But Saturday was so hectic.   After the wedding, we has such a full day we were literally RUNNING from appointment to appointment, and it was SOOOO hot in the morning, like for the wedding. Then it RAINED THE REST OF THE DAY, so heavily as well, and I didn't bring my umbrella…… I looked like I had just jumped in a swimming pool?
Then that night we had a Christmas dinner at the chapel, so we had to walk from one end our area to the next to bring investigators. But the activity was the best. How much do I love Brazillian food  <3 <3 Churrasco Brasileiro!!! (Brazilian BBQ)
Then Sunday was the best, such a perfect day.  Kedley and Pricilla were so happy and ahhh!!  It's the best seeing them so happy.  We were meant to have another baptism yesterday, Arnaldo but he didn't even come to church.... haha nahh! All goods, he had some family thing on, he told us before, but he’ll get baptised this Sunday. He’s all ready, he has had his baptismal interview and everything :-)
So because this baptism was a family, we put so much more effort in it…We paid this less active member who bakes cakes, to bake a fancy cake for the baptism. She was so happy we asked her.. but it was expensive, #poormissionarylife but we wanted her to make the cake for a way for her to come to church and to the baptism to remember why she decided to be baptised... but she didn't even come to church :( that was so sad. But another member who lives in the same apartment block brought the cake to church. Her cake are always so delish.
Baptism of Kedly & Pricilla
Also, we invited our pesquisador (investigator) Lisando to come and be our musical item at the baptism. He was the best, he sings and plays the guitar.  He performs in his church all the time but loved our chapel. It was something a little different since his church is one of the PRASIE THE LORD/HALLUJAH churches but it was perfect and he wrote a song about baptism.  I'm so happy he came and performed. There is always such a beautiful spirit at baptisms  <3 <3
The rest of this week was such a blurr because these last 3 days were so GO, GO, GO.  
How I love being a missionary.  I can't express the joy that has come to me from serving the Lord, for the experiences I have had and to be able to witness the changes in the lives of people here, but also in my own life. That personal progression that I gain everyday in serving my Saviour! (D&C 18:15-16)  <3 <3
Sister Bennallack 

24 December 2015

I’ve had the best week EVER - AGAIN! 
But mate………, I am so tired, the struggle is so real right now!
But it's all good, I can sleep tonight!
I'm so excited to skpye!! The time difference is so hectic, like 12.5 hours??  I forget all the time how far away Aussie actually is.............
This week: 
Arnaldo's Baptism
ARNALDO WAS BAPTISED ON SUNDAY! Yayayyayay! A Christmas present for him and us and HEAVENLY FATHER  <3
So we had a lesson with him on Saturday morning,  just to prepare him 110% and to get him mad pumped to follow Jesus Chirst.  After the lesson he tells us he has a lot of doubts and questions still….OK, I got so nervous, please don't say this Arnaldo! 
But it was SO good, it just proved to us how prepared he really is, and how the Spirt can only really teach a questioning mind.  I think we all learnt new things through the Spirt as we answered his doubts and questions. 
How crazy grateful am I for my mission?  We left this lesson on such a spirtual note and so prepared to share this GREAT MESSAGE with the world/the the people here in São Bernardo 5.
The Baptism was perfect, only his mum came which was was so great but at the same time we where hoping to meet the rest of him family.  We have already taught his sister the first lesson, but she didn't come to the baptism.... but all good, we’ll have many chances to see her still ;)
MY MOST HAPPIEST MOMENT that day was after the baptism when Kedley who had just been confirmed a member that same day came up to Arnaldo and gave him the biggest hug with a huge smile on his face to say congratulations. <3 <3 <3
What the happiest! It was so cool, so beautiful.
President & Sister Broadbent

Monday - we had P-day Da Natal, P-day with the whole mission, it was the best day ever and I just love President and Sister Broadbent so, so, much!
Then Chrirstmas came early and we got to go to the Temple yesterday!!!! (Because the Temple is going to be closed in January.) 
How perfect is the Temple! <3


Love Sister Bennallack
PS. So my ward is the best, its like my Brazilian family here, on Sunday Sister Ramos and I recived so many presents!!!! It was so unexpected, so, so, nice. I got so awkward.. But wow! It meant so much to us. 
tuchu x

25 December 2015

It was a special treat to have a 4-way family skype from Adelaide & Perth in Australia, Europe & Brazil with Sister Sarah Bennallack.  She struggled at first with English and impressed us as she flipped over to rapid Portuguese to ask a question of her companion.  It was great to spend this time!

Sarah in Brazil, Tom & Jordan in Perth, Elyse & Jonny in Germany with the
rest of us in Adelaide!!  Love our Family!
'FELIZ NATAL' Sister Bennallack!
(Even though you didn't get our parcel in time for Christmas!)

29 December 2015
Ahhhhhhhhh It was so, so, cool/THE BEST THING EVER to be able to speak to you all. Just love you guys so much and skpye just confirmed again how much I really have the best family in the WORLD.
Arnarldo was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ yesterday which was perfect! YAYAYAYA Also, yesterday at church we taught the Doctrine Principle's class, but  they didn't really ask us they just told us when we walked in if we could teach. Hahaha, of course we can, we are missionaries right??? But Oh my goodness, 911! What are we going to teach?  But it went well, and we had two new investigators come to church yesterday which I'm so happy about.  But teaching yesterday had such a “my life rules moment” as we were looking to the class, filled with converts, including all the people Sister Ramos and I have taught an Baptised. They all had such a different light and when we called upon them to answer a question or to share a experience about their baptism  or when they received an answer to their prayer... I just wanted to cry of happiness and give them a hug as I'm so HAPPY to see them happy and here and converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  At times Sister Ramos and I say how we don't actually believe this is real life, that these people aren't our investigators anymore, they are MEMBERS of the Church of Christ.
<3 <3 <3 Grateful x a BILLION
I am excited for this week, these last few days on 2015!! This was the fastest year of my life I reckon. 
What goals does everyone have??? How is everyone going to become closer to the Saviour in 2016?
^^^^^^ if you dont have any goals yet, you have like 4 days to think/pray about it ;)

Sister Bennallack

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