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December 2015 - "How I love being a missionary"

2 December 2015
Transfers - Tuchu Elder Shannon..
About the late as email… Last week we received a text message that P-day on Monday was cancelled and P-day will be on Tuesday the same day as transfers. Our mission (being the best mission in the world) has a transfer meeting that the whole mission goes to, it’s the best. But because our mission is small geographically, everyone just goes, even if your not leaving your area and President, he says, hehe, “My missionaries just like a party” haha!
Sisters at Transfer meeting
But from now on, the week of transfers P-day will be on Tuesday so we can choose to go or not. It's cool but matey, mate, yesterday was a struggle, its' like my body knew it was Monday! 
Oh my, I'm so happy, this whole week I would literally wake up during the night just thinking and praying about how much I didn’t want to leave.  But President Broadbent is the best, hahah he’s so funny, when I called he’s like “sister I was just moving your name on the transfer board” NOOOOOOO! Presidente
I promised him lots of hard work and lots of BAPTISMS if he let me stay!!
..which brings me to my next topic: Dulcinete was BAPTISED on Sunday!!! <3 <3
BATISMOO, Dulinete   <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

It was perfect, she’s so converted and was so, so, happy, and invited so many people! After her baptismal service she says to me “Sister, can you help me fill out my tithing form?”
WHAT?! She was just baptised and doesn’t even have a membership number and is already paying tithing <3 <3 I shed a tear, so happy.
Kedley, Pracilla e Familia 
Kedley and Prascilla are perfect still, looking forward to their wedding but more importantly their BAPTISM, on the 13 Dec. We had such a great lesson with them this week about the Priesthood and about how Kedley is going to be such a blessing to their home because of the Priesthood and will be able to bless their two BEAUTIFUL girls when they're sick or worried/nervous. It was quite a spiritual lesson. I’ll be FOREVER grateful for knowing this family and for having this opportunity to have taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After the lesson, Sister Ramos told Kedley as one of the standards to hold the priesthood, he’ll need to take out his eyebrow piercing, but when he’s ready. 
…What did Kedley do?? 
Took it out right then and there. So prepared. 
I’m always so taken back when I witness people take steps of faith, like I don’t even know how to describe half of these experiences I have. Just so grateful and so happy.
Kedley is also so FUNNY, our lessons are always so hilarious but with the perfect amount of spiritual, but he was telling us how on Sunday when our other investigator Arnaldo told the Gospel principle teacher he was an investigator, Kedley thought, 'WOW! He’s investigating the church, so legit, like he’s tops' and then after he asked us what an investigator was and we are like…umm "you’re an investigator as well." Hahahah He always jokes about how he’s way fancy since he’s an investigator! hahaha, BEST FAMILY!
Alrnaldo has a baptism date for this Sunday, he’s has so much faith and really is searching but still wants a more stronger testimony of The Book of Mormon before he gets baptised. But we are working with him and we are confident he will receive his answer before Sunday.
With our investigator Lou
I love my area and am SO STOCKED to be here for another 6 weeks, the work is really happening here and I'm eternally grateful to be a part of people's conversion process here in São Bernardo 5   <3
Sister Bennallack 
PS. On Saturday, I hit my SEVEN months of my mission! Wowzaaa, went so fast.. what da crazy ^.^

8 December 2015
This week went so fast, LIKE A FLASH OF LIGHTING fast, but I think that's because we had P-day on Tuesday last week? 
So..Arnarldo didn't get baptised yesterday). :( SAD but only like 2% sad because HE GOING TO GET BAPTISED THIS SUNDAY )  He has a testimony of O livro de Mormon and knows that his time is now. 
Anyway, we want so wait till this Sunday becuase he has invited his WHOLE FAMILY.
Next Sunday will be the best day of my life I reason, because not only Arnarldo will be getting baptised but so will Kedley and Pracilla!   It will be such a great baptismal service.
Duliente was confimed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints yesterday <3 <3 She was so happy ,she's just the best!!! She calls Sister Ramos and I her angels. Hahaha! But I secretly think that's because she still has a trouble with my last name........ haha! bless her!
.....Still my dream to have a confimation and a baptsim on the same Sunday...but lucky I have plenty of time to make my dreams come true haha ;)
Yesterday at church was also the Primary program. OH MY CUTENESS. I may need to adopte a Brazilan child, soo cute. And Taliah the daughter of Kedley and Pracilla was in the Primary program as well <3 <3

We are also teaching these primary age girls now as well...they sit next to me during sacrament and can't stop touching my hair...  #spotthewhitegirl haha!  They are seriously so cute.
We had so many cool experiences this week, but one that I knew would happen (I don't know, so weird). We where teaching Bruna, one of our converts, and her cousin who is kinda scary was in the room as well but on his phone with head phones in. We tried to teach him ages ago but he wasn't keen at all… anyway, we taught her the Plan of Salvation again but way simple and really tailored it to her, using her name in scriptures ect. Anyway, it was such a good lesson, like so smooth. ANYWAY, after the lesson, Wesley (the cousin) told us that we really must love Bruna and asked if we can teach him as well AS HE WAS LISTENING to us and not music THE WHOLE TIME.
AHH!!  I knew it!!!!! 
I love when these moments happen, it's crazy how much the spirit will always testify of truths. We just need to open our mouths.
Life is the best, I'm so happy to still be here in São Bernardo 5.  
Sister Bennallack 

15 December 2015
AHHhh! What a crazy week, it was probably the best/BUSIEST week of my life!!! 
I am so HAPPY to annouce that Kedley and Prícilla are now husband and wife!!! And WERE BAPTISED YESTERDAY   <3 <3 <3
At the Registry Office - Sao Paulo
What amazing weekend it was.  The wedding was Saturday morning, they just got married in that office place.  (Legit, I can’t think what it’s called in English, lol!) But it was beautiful still, and we had permission from President to attend. They picked us up at 7am because lots of people will be getting married, and mate, they were right.  So many brides in white. It was cool though. So in Brazil the law is a little different, like the same as in New Zealand, how as members you can't get married directly in the Temple. But it was so cool to see this happen. Their daughters Taila and Sofia where SO EXCITED haha..but so were Sister Ramos and I!!
A beautiful family...
A few couples from the ward including the Bishop and his wife came as well to support, it was the best! <3 After they got married, we went to this park nearby to take photos.   IT WAS SO FUNNY, so São Paulo right...parking is a nightmare and we where driving around for ages looking for a car park.. then next minute we turned this corner and what do we see..? Another chapel of our church. Ayyayayay haha! IT was so funny, Kedley was like, "Can we park here?"  Sister Ramos and I were like, "They will not ask any questions when they see our badges."  They thought it was so cool, hehe, you've joined the right church guys ;)

Families are Forever

Prícilla look so stunning as well.
But Saturday was so hectic.   After the wedding, we has such a full day we were literally RUNNING from appointment to appointment, and it was SOOOO hot in the morning, like for the wedding. Then it RAINED THE REST OF THE DAY, so heavily as well, and I didn't bring my umbrella…… I looked like I had just jumped in a swimming pool?
Then that night we had a Christmas dinner at the chapel, so we had to walk from one end our area to the next to bring investigators. But the activity was the best. How much do I love Brazillian food  <3 <3 Churrasco Brasileiro!!! (Brazilian BBQ)
Then Sunday was the best, such a perfect day.  Kedley and Pricilla were so happy and ahhh!!  It's the best seeing them so happy.  We were meant to have another baptism yesterday, Arnaldo but he didn't even come to church.... haha nahh! All goods, he had some family thing on, he told us before, but he’ll get baptised this Sunday. He’s all ready, he has had his baptismal interview and everything :-)
So because this baptism was a family, we put so much more effort in it…We paid this less active member who bakes cakes, to bake a fancy cake for the baptism. She was so happy we asked her.. but it was expensive, #poormissionarylife but we wanted her to make the cake for a way for her to come to church and to the baptism to remember why she decided to be baptised... but she didn't even come to church :( that was so sad. But another member who lives in the same apartment block brought the cake to church. Her cake are always so delish.
Baptism of Kedly & Pricilla
Also, we invited our pesquisador (investigator) Lisando to come and be our musical item at the baptism. He was the best, he sings and plays the guitar.  He performs in his church all the time but loved our chapel. It was something a little different since his church is one of the PRASIE THE LORD/HALLUJAH churches but it was perfect and he wrote a song about baptism.  I'm so happy he came and performed. There is always such a beautiful spirit at baptisms  <3 <3
The rest of this week was such a blurr because these last 3 days were so GO, GO, GO.  
How I love being a missionary.  I can't express the joy that has come to me from serving the Lord, for the experiences I have had and to be able to witness the changes in the lives of people here, but also in my own life. That personal progression that I gain everyday in serving my Saviour! (D&C 18:15-16)  <3 <3
Sister Bennallack 

24 December 2015

I’ve had the best week EVER - AGAIN! 
But mate………, I am so tired, the struggle is so real right now!
But it's all good, I can sleep tonight!
I'm so excited to skpye!! The time difference is so hectic, like 12.5 hours??  I forget all the time how far away Aussie actually is.............
This week: 
Arnaldo's Baptism
ARNALDO WAS BAPTISED ON SUNDAY! Yayayyayay! A Christmas present for him and us and HEAVENLY FATHER  <3
So we had a lesson with him on Saturday morning,  just to prepare him 110% and to get him mad pumped to follow Jesus Chirst.  After the lesson he tells us he has a lot of doubts and questions still….OK, I got so nervous, please don't say this Arnaldo! 
But it was SO good, it just proved to us how prepared he really is, and how the Spirt can only really teach a questioning mind.  I think we all learnt new things through the Spirt as we answered his doubts and questions. 
How crazy grateful am I for my mission?  We left this lesson on such a spirtual note and so prepared to share this GREAT MESSAGE with the world/the the people here in São Bernardo 5.
The Baptism was perfect, only his mum came which was was so great but at the same time we where hoping to meet the rest of him family.  We have already taught his sister the first lesson, but she didn't come to the baptism.... but all good, we’ll have many chances to see her still ;)
MY MOST HAPPIEST MOMENT that day was after the baptism when Kedley who had just been confirmed a member that same day came up to Arnaldo and gave him the biggest hug with a huge smile on his face to say congratulations. <3 <3 <3
What the happiest! It was so cool, so beautiful.
President & Sister Broadbent

Monday - we had P-day Da Natal, P-day with the whole mission, it was the best day ever and I just love President and Sister Broadbent so, so, much!
Then Chrirstmas came early and we got to go to the Temple yesterday!!!! (Because the Temple is going to be closed in January.) 
How perfect is the Temple! <3


Love Sister Bennallack
PS. So my ward is the best, its like my Brazilian family here, on Sunday Sister Ramos and I recived so many presents!!!! It was so unexpected, so, so, nice. I got so awkward.. But wow! It meant so much to us. 
tuchu x

25 December 2015

It was a special treat to have a 4-way family skype from Adelaide & Perth in Australia, Europe & Brazil with Sister Sarah Bennallack.  She struggled at first with English and impressed us as she flipped over to rapid Portuguese to ask a question of her companion.  It was great to spend this time!

Sarah in Brazil, Tom & Jordan in Perth, Elyse & Jonny in Germany with the
rest of us in Adelaide!!  Love our Family!
'FELIZ NATAL' Sister Bennallack!
(Even though you didn't get our parcel in time for Christmas!)

29 December 2015
Ahhhhhhhhh It was so, so, cool/THE BEST THING EVER to be able to speak to you all. Just love you guys so much and skpye just confirmed again how much I really have the best family in the WORLD.
Arnarldo was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ yesterday which was perfect! YAYAYAYA Also, yesterday at church we taught the Doctrine Principle's class, but  they didn't really ask us they just told us when we walked in if we could teach. Hahaha, of course we can, we are missionaries right??? But Oh my goodness, 911! What are we going to teach?  But it went well, and we had two new investigators come to church yesterday which I'm so happy about.  But teaching yesterday had such a “my life rules moment” as we were looking to the class, filled with converts, including all the people Sister Ramos and I have taught an Baptised. They all had such a different light and when we called upon them to answer a question or to share a experience about their baptism  or when they received an answer to their prayer... I just wanted to cry of happiness and give them a hug as I'm so HAPPY to see them happy and here and converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  At times Sister Ramos and I say how we don't actually believe this is real life, that these people aren't our investigators anymore, they are MEMBERS of the Church of Christ.
<3 <3 <3 Grateful x a BILLION
I am excited for this week, these last few days on 2015!! This was the fastest year of my life I reckon. 
What goals does everyone have??? How is everyone going to become closer to the Saviour in 2016?
^^^^^^ if you dont have any goals yet, you have like 4 days to think/pray about it ;)

Sister Bennallack

November 2015 - A New Beginning

3 November 2015

With a member Lene, we had a Family Home Evening at her house
last week with our investigator Fernanada, love them both!
Once again it's some crazy public holiday here in Brazil so our 'lanhouse' was shut.  We are emailing from a members home, but only have about 20 minutes to write, eeeeeeeekkkkk!

This week was awesome, freezing though… I had soggy feet for most of this week but it's all good, I can't do much about the cold weather (STILL) but embrace it right? And pray hard for sunshine! hehehe

We had interviews with President this week WHICH was the best.  I actually love President Broadbent SO MUCH!!! He is so 'on point' with everything he says, and I just feel his love for me every time I see him!

I also had a divisão (trade-off) with Sister Wright, yes, she aint a Brazillian,  she's American.  It was heaps cool spending the day with her, I always learn so much from trade-offs, but ALWAYS the next day is such a struggle, like I'm tired x100000000.  I also realised how bad my Portuguese is still.   She speaks Portuguese so perfectly! #GOALS

We had so many amazing experiences this week, but EXTREMES, very different.  We have one investigator which is like 'ELECTO' and will be baptised next week and then we have others that were really progressing but were a lot colder towards us this week.... so sad.  It breaks my heart every time.  We had this one lesson, and where we got smashed with crazy question because he had been watching Anti-Mormon Doco's.  But my companion is so calm and answered his double sided paper filled with questions really well.   I always learn so much from her. <3

WE HAD 8 INVESTIGATORS at church yesterday!  8, it was so crazy busy, but a busy Sunday is the best Sunday ;) This means this week will be a goodie.

Finally, today isnt P-day because tomorrow we have PDAY DA ZONA woooohooo!  But I have no idea what we are doing! haha

Até Mais, Sister Bennallack 

10 November 2015
This week was filled with such highs and lows like to the extreme.  The best of times were where Sister Ramos and I just laughed our heads off because it literally rained all week and we kept forgetting our umbrella’s so we would get to our house at the end of the day DRENCHED!  hahaha! But it was so funny.... And then like the most disappointing/sad times with our investigators and new converts.  :( I don’t even want to write about it because I’m still so devo. But all goods, this week it’s a new week!
But that’s pretty much standard for my life as a missionary.
P-day last week was cool, we went the Institute Building here and just hung out with our Zone and ate so much food. We watched '17 Miracles'.  I forgot how good that movie is, I may have shed a few tears, but Sister Ramos cried way more so it’s all good! hehe ;)
Yesterday at church was like flash back Friday.  I was sitting at church  with Kedley and Prascilla and was sitting behind Katya and in front of Mônica.  All my investigators from the very start of my misson, but now they all have such a different light about them. They truly have been converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Kedley and Prascilla are perfecto!!! They come to church everyweek without us even calling or visiting, they look so at home as well and they have friends in the ward.  AHHHH, I just love this family so much!!  They are so soild, we are just waiting on a date for their wedding, (and Baptism hehe) but they are exciting about it and their two daughters are excited for the wedding as well.  AWWWWW, they always talk about their goal to be sealed in the temple in a year. <3 
Katya is the best, it had been a slow conversion but a strong conversion. We visited her yesterday after Church and she was telling us how since she’s been coming to church these past 6 months her life is so much better and her family have so much more love. She's so grateful, she told us how she's ready to be baptised!!!!!!!!! She's been ready for a while but she had some worldly things she wasn't ready to give up, but she ready now. The only problem is that she and her family move to the United States in three weeks.............. so, we are going to try to have a baptism before she leaves, but these are going to be some crazy busy weeks for her and her family so we will see. But we are all praying together and I have faith ;) However,  I'm 100% sure that if she doesn't get baptised here she will in America.  After all, they are moving to Provo! haha !
We found some really great people this week and I was feeling so good about them except only one of our new investigators came to church yesterday..wot.  But, then we taught some really cool lessons this week. It’s just crazy how ready people are to receive the gospel <3 <3. I'm excited for this week!!! 
It's crazy, my Bishop here has been called to be a Mission President next year!! I don’t know where yet, we just know it’s in Brazil. Hahha! My ward here is so funny trying to guess who's going to be the new Bishop. Ward gossip! lololololol  But its' crazy that he’s was called to be a Mission President since hes only 38 years old!! B ut he’ll be such a GOOD President! 
 Also this guy in my ward here got his mission call to England, Leeds!!!! S O exotic for Brazilians.  he bore his testimony yesterday and was SO EXCITED!! It took me back to when I got my mission call and how excited I was !  <3 Missão São Paulo sul <3
I found 'Corn Flakes' in the shops this week, it tastes like home!  haha! Way to excited about it…
Sister Bennallack 

17 November 2015
We had ‘Conferênica da missião' this week, a last minute conferience with the whole mission.  We knew things were about to get real. 
President Broadbent is the best, and I seriously love him so much.
With a Utah sister in zion at our mission conference
He told us how our mission starts again right now,  it doesn’t matter if you have 3 weeks left or 23 months left, it's a 'New Beginning'.  A charge to change and recommit our selves as representatives of Jesus Christ. 
We have a lot more rules, which are changes from the Seventy not just from President.  Such as, we  have to study for two hours on P-days and no more District and Zone P-days, we and President aren’t allowed to leave our mission boundaries, even with permission, (only for the Temple hehe).
And now we are only teaching elects, and our day is 80% finding and 20% teaching. We have to stop to talk to 50 people per missionary, per day. That a lot different since, it was 10 per day.
But I trust President and I know that this will help our mission baptise, so I’m pumped as.
ANDDDDD this week we have another conference but with Elder Costa from the seventy, SO EXCITED!!!!
This week we taught an elect of Heavenly father <3 

Dulcinete is the house keeper of one of the members here, she so amazing, like seriously so prepared.  I just love her, anyway, she believes everything we taught/teach her but didn’t want to be baptised till next year.  But we promised her that if she prays and asks God, he will answer her questions and at our next lesson she told us that she had received her answer and wants to baptised asap. <3 <3 <3 
 We had the most special experiences teaching her, it's like the Spirit is teaching her and me at the same time? I don't know, but it's soooo cool.
This week was kind of a strange week in that we taught a
With our investigator - Katya
whole lot less, as we now only teach elect, we had to cut a lot of people that aren’t really progressing. We have so many investigators that love us, and are so grateful for our messages and will pray and read and they believe, and they even accept baptism dates…….but they never come to church. It like the most disappointing part of my week…..
BUT a new start.  Since we talk to so many more people, we will have a new teaching pool, this following week will be so interesting :) Stay tuned ;)
Because Sister Ramos and I are on the street more, we have so many 'LOL' moments like when we where talking to this guy and a flying creature flew into my mouth and I nearly chocked to death! hahahaha! Oh! My goodness! It was probably a ‘had to be there’ moment but we laughed about it for the rest of the day.
Sister Bennallack 

24 November 2015
This week went so, so, so, so, fast, but it was such a goodie!!
Sister Ramos is the best, and I'm praying hard that we get to stay here together for another transfer!!!! 
I want to badly to be here for Chrsitmas but more importantly I want to be her for Kedley and Prascilla’s WEDDING!!!! And BAPTISIM.
Ahh! At church yesterday they told us the they are booked in for the 12th of December to be married!!!!!! Ahhhhh, I'm so happy!   I want to see them get baptised so badly, my favourite family and it had been such an amazing journey with them <3
The gospel truly changed hearts.
(transfers are next week btw, I’ll tell you next week if I'm staying or not, so everyone, start praying for me to stay, por favour, hehehe!)
But I'm pretty sure we will stay here, well, because President told us at the Conference with Elder Costa. But Sister Ramos told me that he told her that she was going to stay in her old area and then she got transferred but.... I HAVE ALOT OF FAITH!
Oh, My Goodness!  It's nearly December and I'm so, so, so, excited for Christmas.  I live across the road from a giant shopping plaza thing and it is decked out with Christmas lights, we can see the lights from our kitchen window. Just a little bit of happiness! hehe!
Dulcinete is amazing still and her baptism is next Sunday after church!! She's so prepared and has invited everyone to her baptism, including this girl that we are now going to be teaching that works at this clothes shop!
Dulcinete is such a perfect example of being converted.   She has experienced the mighty change of heart and now wants to tell EVERYONE of her joy she’s experiencing. We can all learn from her example <3
Conference with Elder Claudio R.M Costa was the best.   Seriously I have no doubt that he has been called of God, so, so inspired. I learnt SO MUCH and wrote so many notes.  It was an all morning thing and we had lunch with him as well.   Afterwards he talked to me so much about Australia! He’s like, "Oh Australia is beautiful...beautiful like Brasil!"  But he’s traveled the world with his calling, training missionaries in so, so, many missions. 
IT WAS SO GOOD and we got so pumped.
Talking to 50 people everyday is a lot different, but it's cool…I'm just such a missionary.  Yesterday Sister Ramos and I knocked 40 doors each..    She was on one side of the street and I was on the other and we knocked and knocked and set up heaps of appointments for this week but every now and then we would get invited to come in and teach right then.. So funny, Yelling at Sister Ramos “now, now, now” and she’ll run over to me. Hahaha!
But the changes are heaps good, I love being busy and always having something to do or people to see. 
We had the funniest moment this week, we were about to teach a lesson at this appartment block and the lady went to drop her keys out the window for us to unlock the door and come up to her...
But when she drops her keys out the window to us... her keys get caught in this Palm tree!!!!
It was like one of those movies moments where you think “OK, that didnt just happen, what is even our life”.  Then you have Sister Ramos on my back with this pole thing we found, jumping to get the keys.
It was so funny. Hahahah! We laugh about this for the rest of the day.
Going to go eat Nhoque at this member house now, he seriously makes the best Nhoque in the world and told us we can eat at his house every P-day!  Ummm my life rules.
Sister Bennallack

Sunday, 13 December 2015

October 2016 - Prayers are answered..

6 October 2010
BOM DIA!!! (Boa noite in Australia)
WOO! what a week!!! Don't really know where to start..
This week was filled with CONFERENCES!!! <3
I am so inspired for life right now.. okay, maybe not for life, but mate, I’ve learn't so much in this last week from the wise men in my life.
Firstly, we had Conferencia de zona(s) on Friday, with President and Sister Broadbent, the Assistants, our zone and about three other zones. It as so good. It was firstly the best because I got to see Sister Costa, SISTER GUDGEON and all my other favourites on the mission <3 haha! My family right now. But, it was such a good conference!  My mission President is the best, he is so inspired, I was surprised he didn't get called to be in the Quorum of the 12 yesterday! But seriously, he’s so great. He talked a lot about the importance of the Book of Mormon and talked a lot about doctrine in the church. It was so good!
We also had to do role plays..with President.....
But my companion is such a 'boss' missionary, she just puts up her hand and starts teaching President so boldly, and after she spoke she ended it “in the name of Jesus Christ, amen” and everyone at the conference was Whoa! hahah and President just smiles and nods his head, “AMEN” haha! so good. Sister Ramos is the best!! 
Hehe my companion is better then yours. OHHHHH this reminds me, today is 5 months on the mission yaay.. And I woke up to the cutest note and choccies from Sister Ramos! 
Friday's conference was the best right, then Saturday and Sunday were GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Brazil time difference isn't as hectic as Australia's is, so we saw all of conference this weekend. The morning session we saw live at 1pm here and the afternoon sessions we saw live here at 5pm.
AHHH SO GOOD! I got to see both the Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions in English at the Stake Centre, but watched the morning sessions in Portuguese since we had investigators, it was such a cool experence watching in Portugues as well (But I got so much more out of it when I watched it in English haha. ;)
So many goodies, but my favorites are always President Uchtdorf and President Eyring!! <3
BUT Elder Holland's talk in the Saturday afternoon talk got the tears going, haha mateee. You’ll understand when you watch it! I was thinking so much about you Mum and Karlie. Such amazing examples of what mothers should be. Love you both so much!
This week, the work continued here in São Bernado! We really have such good investigators BUT we had a pretty average week in finding new investigators... sometimes it's annoying that people have free agency hahahha! joking!
We have been praying to teach families and we started teaching this new GOLDEN family this week, only taught them once since the husband was away for most of the week working.. But he took with him the Book of Mormon and has been reading everyday. Such a beautiful family. They loved Church last week and were so welcomed!!
Then we also had the best lesson with Kedley and Pricilla this week. We have been teaching Kedley and Pricilla for a solid amount of time now, but oh my gosh I love this family so much. The only problem with them was they aren't married right? Anyway, we had a lesson with this other couple present, Sandra and Luiz, they live in the same apartment complex.  We shared that video of Heavenly father, Earthly father and talked about the purpose of families, Sandra bore a powerful testimony of the importance of marriage in the Temple. Kedley and Pricilla know alot about the temple since we have been teaching them for a while and they have been pretty frequent in coming to church. But it was such a perfect lesson and then Kedley said how he wants this, he doesn't want to get married (because he thinks it's just paper) but he will because he wants to be sealed in the Temple in a year! They made a goal!!! Then next minute, Luiz is texting Bishop, starting to plan their wedding! hahah oh my gosh, so perfect.
A Wedding and Baptisim <3 <3
I can't express with words the amount of happiness I felt in this lesson and after, I am so grateful for the Temple and for families. It was quoted again in conference yesterday what Elder Perry said in his last talk to us, about the older he gets the more clear it gets that family is the centre of happiness. (defs quoted that so wrong, haha) BUT SO TRUE. 
So grateful for my FAMILIAAA <3 
Sister Bennallack 
PS. OH my gosh, I nearly forgot to write, my life is so “missionary”.  I  had my first experience being chased by DOGS this week, FIVE OF THEM! I never screamed so much in my life, they were huge and had teeth like dragons hahahhah! But I'm so thankful for my companion, she lives in the Amazon in Brazil so she knows what to do!  She starts stomping her feet and pretended to throw things at them. SO crazy!
Then the next day, I stood on a rat... that is now a dead rat.
Hahaha! What is even my life?

13 October 2015

This morning was already such an adventure, so today is "Dia da Criancinhas" (Childrens Day).  So you know how there is Father's Day and Mother's Day? Well, in Brazil they have Children's Day as well, like another birthday.  Man, growing up I always wondered why there wasn't Children's Day... BUT THERE IS!!! Brazil rocks.

But anyway, since today is a public holiday we treked to our internet cafe place and it was CLOSED... ^.^  So we had to call President and get permission to email from a members home... which he granted. But then we remembered we don't have credit on our phone so we just prayed what member would have and let us use their computer. 
KNOCK, KNOCK!  Surprise! It's the Sisters, can we use your computer?

This member's house I'm at is the one of my favourite families, they are so happy always, and they live really close to us so they always feed us. ;) And today I got my first present for Children's Day! 

But also today isn't P-day.... so we only get an hour to email...BECAUSE TOMORROW IS TEMPLE P-DAY!
Way too excited about it.

Okay, so this week was honesntly so hard, so emotionally and physcially draining, like so many moments of disapointments. Yesterday was the 11th October, which was the Baptism date for Mayara.

We have been working with Mayara for this whole transfer, love her so, so much but we had a few hurdles to overcome with her, coffee being one of them.  Since you have to have one week clean before your baptism, we weren't sure if she could be baptised yesterday..  She had her baptism interview but our DL needed to talk to President.

Since our President is the actual best man, he himself called Mayara on Friday night and had a chat with her to see where her heart is. HE GAVE US PERMISSION. So Friday night we called Mayara and we were all so happy and excited,  I was jumping on my bed with Sister Ramos, it was so great.

Then Saturday afternoon at 5pm we had another lesson with Mayara just to check up on her and organise everything for Sunday right?  Then she tells us that she doesn't want to be baptised on Sunday (the next morning) because she doesn't feel ready etc, etc.


I was praying my heart out in my head as we continued to teach her as planned, but bearing our testimonies so boldly with our whole souls.

After we said the closing prayer and as we were leaving, I told her that her Heavenly Father loves her and knows her doubts but tomorrow we have her baptism planned and if she changes her mind that we are ready.  She said she would pray, but doesn't feel ready.

That night was so depressing.  All our appointments for Saturday night where false addresses, one was even a BAR ^.^

That night we prayed with everything we had that Heavenly Father will answer Mayara's prayer and that she will have a strong and powerful answer and will be baptised tomorrow.
"HEAVELY FATHER I KNOW MIRACLES ARE REAL, and I'm asking for a miracle"

That night I awoke at 1am, dying of thirst.  I got up and was drinking water in the kitchen and prayed some more, then I woke up at 4am and prayed some more, then again at 6am and prayed some more.

Once it was 6:30am I was telling Sister Ramos how I pretty much prayed the whole night and she was like, "I WAS TO, whenever I woke up!"

When we were walking to church, we were just hoping at least Mayara would still come to church today.
To our great surprise when we got to church Mayara was already there!!!!  We talked to her some more and she continued to tell us she does not feel ready.

It's okay, at least she's at church and still progressing.

Then during Relief Society we got asked to go teach Primary for 15 minutes, no worries. Once we came back into Relief Society, Mayara was crying, another sister in the ward was sitting with her talking to her.

We have never seen Mayara cry, she's a strong woman.

Then we continued to Gospel Doctrine class and I was sitting with our other investigators and Sister Ramos sat next to Mayara and I hear her say:  "okay, I will but I don't have clothes,"

"huhhhhh?   WHAT!????    YOU WANT TO BE BAPTISED?   ARE YOU SURE?"

"Yes I am sure"

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I know God not only hears, but answers our prayers.  (Mosiah 27:14)   We then raced around to organise everything.

The baptismal service was the most beautiful and powerful service of my whole mission.

We sung to her 'Nearer my God to Thee' (but in Portuguese of course) that we had been practising all week, and she just had the tears falling.  Everyone was so welcoming and gave such beautiful talks!!

<3 <3 <3   Afterwards, she said "this is the best decision I've made."

I can't express to you how perfect Sunday was.

Sister Bennallack 

20 October 2010
BOM DIA minha bonita familia (e Amigas hehe)
WHAT A WEEK.  I'm so sick, it's probably from this hectic weather, like this week we had a 40 degrees C day then two days later it was 15 degrees C and it's been raining ever since.....
WOT. Eu nâo gosto.
My body is like, "what the heck is going on??"  I have an impressive sunburn and now I'm wearing my coat and boots, so weird.  The second coming must be soon I swear! 
BUT IT'S ALL GOOD because I'm SO, SO, SO, SO happy. 
1. Because today is P-day so i can just sleep this cold off and 2. SISTER RAMOS AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER HERE ANOTHER TRANSFER!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
We literally jumped up and down and danced all night in the kitchen once we heard transfer news. I was so nervous that I'd be transferred because I have had a solid amount of time here, but once again GOD IS GOOD to me. 
I love Sister Ramos so much, she is perfect!!!!! And in these past 6 weeks together my Portuguese is SO MUCH better, all the memebers tell me when we have lunch at their houses how much better my Portuguese is and how much happier I seem! haha!
It's true, because Sister Ramos is so, on SO HAPPY, her vibes rub off me and I'm so much more bubbly, finally getting a personality again! 
OHH, HI BRAZILAN SARAH!   Okay, I think everyone just felt how happy I am though my words ;) 
This week once again I saw such a MIRACLE.
Last Sunday after the amazing day/baptsim of Mayara we felt like really need to focus on our next investigator that's SO READY..

Matteus is PEFECT, he comes to church every Sunday and has the strongest testimony, but (there is always a but, right?) He's only 17 and needs permission from his parents, which is impossible because they are SUPER Cathloic and believe that Matteus doesn't need to baptised again etc.
We have really built a relationship with his mum Kaita, in that she loves us!  We talked to her after a few weeks again, after praying our hearts out about Matteus and she told us that she has to respect her husband, but if he gives permission, then okay.
So since then we have been praying for courge and help to talk to Matteus´ dad. He's never home and has a pretty big problem with drinking,  so it's complicated. 
But last Sunday we were teaching Matteus and his dad came home, Sister Ramos being the most perfect companion decided that right in the moment we needed to talk to him while he's home.
I said a prayer and then we went, NOSSAA. Talk about courage, Sister Ramos first talks to him about his drinking problem.........
Ahhh, so nervous, but then talked to him about Matteus and God's will.  We told him that Matteus needs to be baptised the following Sunday but we need his approval. At first he was really jokey? Like laughing alot and not really keen to talk but we talked about how beautiful his famliy is etc. Then Sister Ramos boldly promised him that this week God will speak to him through the Holy Ghost and tell him that Matteus needs to be baptised.
Such a bold promise.
He told us, okay but if I don't get an “answer” Matteus won't be baptised right?  Sister Ramos once again BOLDLY told him that he will, and he needed to listen.
Love her.
Anyway, that Monday after lunch we fasted together; for Matteus´dad to receive a strong answer and that his heart will be softened.

Tuesday Temple day.. 
Sister Ramos & I went to the Temple on Tuesday as you already know, Fasting. Prayed our hearts out again..
Then the whole week we could not seem to catch his Dad; ^.^
On Saturday we went to Matteus' house, his Dad was at work but we talked to Matteus a bit then decided to go to his work…….  We caught him for a few minutes and he was happy to talk, YAY.  We asked him if he had received his answer and if the Holy Ghost had spoken to him.
He told us he didnt believe in this stuff, BUT he couldn't stop thinking about it all week!!!! And he woke up thinking about about it.   And then he said “fine okay” 

MIRICLES.  Then he signed the bapstimal form!!!! And was smiling!!!
We literally danced in the street.  I can’t express with words how much this is a miracle, like SUCH a change of heart. God indeed listened once again to our prayers.
SADLY, I can't really end this story happily (YET).  Matteus didn't get baptised yesterday, Katia his mum thought that his Dad would never approve, so that's why she said that.  She was really upset, so we didn't want to go ahead with Katia being upset. 
The church is all about families. <3 <3
But such progress, and even though it's kinda of a disappointing ending, it still was that craziest miracle that we saw. 
BUT the story shall continue as we work with Matteus :)
That story was longer than I thought,.
Sisters at the Temple
This week I also had a divisão (Trade off),  but I left not only my area but went to a whole diffent zone in Santo André with Sister Ribas my Sister Traning Leader.  It was such a good day, her area is a lot richer!! I could not stop tripping out how weird it felt being in a new area, new companion, new investigator eeeeeek! I felt like my first day in the mission again! But it was a fun Trade Off, I really really like Sister Ribas as well.  It's cool seeing how different missionaries do things.  Like sister Ramos is so bubbly and bold and calls everyone brothers and sisters, where Sister Ribas is SOOO lovely and speaks so beautifuly and smiley and talks deep to your souls. Both such solid missionaries. <3
Yesterday was also the first day of daylight savings.... loosing an hour of sleep was so rough! ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

One of my Fav families in the ward..

27 October 2015
The start of a new transfer is always the best, lots of new things, even though I’m staying in the same area with Sister Ramos, there's still lots of new things, like goals and zone/district changes ect ect. We had such a mad goal planning session this week, including language goals.   Sister Ramos helps me so much with Portuguese, but this week we started her English! hehe!  I nearly died when I heard her speak English, like she can kind of speak?! SO COOL , hahhaha, but so weird.  She's so smart and knows a million songs in English, aahh, just love her. 
I'm so excited for this next transfer, I have a new District Leader now, like they switched the district we are in, so that cool, there are completely different people in my district. 
This week we found heaps of new investigators, but especially a legit, an elect called Adailton. He came to church yesterday and loved it! And he doesn’t smoke, or drink or drink COFFEE ( coffee is always the deal breaker…haha) and he wants to get baptised!!!!! We are preparing him for DOMINGO!!! Once again Miracles are real, but stay tuned.
Okay, do I have a story for you or what???  So I nearly got rolled this week..  Sister Ramos and I were coming back from transfers in São Paulo and when we got back to our area, we were walking back to our house dying of hunger right… then Sister Ramos hears “Now, now, now” and all of a sudden we see these three old mates chasing us.  Sister Ramos can scream!! She screams “SISTER RUN” and she's screaming her lungs out! Well, I’m so confused (so normal lol) but I ran with my whole soul,  like I was on the 'Amazing Race' or something.  We entered this garage Salon that’s near our house and they shut the roller doors so fast!! Once we entered the Salon, Sister Ramos looks at me and asks me where my shoes are??? I didn’t even know they fell off while I was running and I wasn’t going to stop to pick up my shoes. Lol. The whole street came to see us after and this nice lady from the spa took us home.   We then called President.  Once we got home we changed our clothes, and finally had lunch at 3:30 in the afternoon. I emptied my bag as well.  I had so much stuff with me, like money, my camera and photos and just so much stuff I would have been too sad to have lost. That day was I was so jumpy, like a little scared but I know we were protected and Satan wants us to be scared to preach to gospel.. and I aint going to let him win mateyyyy! But I learnt a big lesson about the fact that this is Brazil and I need to be more careful.
Also rained this whole week…. When does summer start here ? :( I am still using my Canadian coat…….. but its all good…  A story: We entered this home to teach a lesson but after the lesson Sister Ramos' umbrella was gone. And it was POURING!!  We got so very drenched, but for some reason it was sooooo funny. And we kept quoting 'Titanic' hahahha!
Since it’s a new transfer, that means new missionaries.. President called me this week to call one of the new American Sisters that was having a hectic time settling in.  Man, it took me back.  It was such a shock when you first get into the field and don’t understand anything.  She was so homesick and cried so much. But it was so cool that I got to share my experience with her and tell her how much she will love her mission.  I bore my testimony of the Atonement and how real it is and how it will literally carry her. I told her I love her and how excited I am that we are serving together!!! We literally are serving in the best mission in the world. 
Who runs the world?? GIRLS (Sisters - heheheh!)
Sister Bennallack