Friday, 26 August 2016

June 2016 -

7 June 2016 - Rain, rain, go away...

This week went by so fast!! So much happened!

We made so many new investigators this week, I got way excited about my life again hehhehee #willbaptiseyouall

Friday night was like the best, we taught this new family, Cristiano and Nade. We were teaching them for the second time and taught about the restoration, we nailed it…well the spirit nailed it haha, but we taught really well together Sister Escoto and I… those morning role plays I’ve been making her do are paying off ;)

But we taught really simply but personally to this family. The spirit was so strong and I knew that they were understanding everything (nodding their heads while we were speaking). Then Sister Escoto was about to say the first vision, Joseph's words, right …
When flipping satan walks in……. okay lol, so harsh, not really satan, but the pastor of Cristianos church….what. NOOOOOOOO. Go way. Like for one second I thought about just testifying and closing this lesson because I knew that they had no doubts and the spirit was testifying and I didn’t want to Bible bash with this pastor but then, I don't know, I just heard myself say don’t be weak Sez.. you're literally a missionary of God. Finish what you started!… so then André (the pastor) sits down with us, I introduced myself to him and ask him to explain to us what is a prophet? hehehe, I'm so sneaky, like he fully thought I wanted him to teach me something, but he got it so wrong, like he told everyone that he was a prophet. I thanked him heaps and got my Bible out then explained what we had kinda already talked about, but I used Cristano and Nade to help me expain (but really just to test their new knowledge, hehe) then we were pronto for Sister Escoto to talk about Joseph. SHE DID SO GOOD, mate, so much spirit and she really does teach so well. Andre the pastor was thinking so much, but we committed them ALL to church. And left so happy.

Then we were running to our last appt of the day with Pablo when our other investigator Manuel literally ran after us, because he saw us in the street and was so excited to tell us that his English teacher is a member of our church as well!!! He told him how he had an Australian… and the teacher asked how he knew me and he explained how we are missionaries ect ect and obviously the teacher got so excited and happy, taught Manuel more and told him that he needs to continue meeting with us ect. Ahhhhh thank you teacher of Manuel!!!
It's serious people, how much missionaries need member’s help, it's crazy what just one testimony or “welcome” at church can do!!

When I actually remembered to bring my umbrella...

This week I had a trade-off with Sister Machuca from Chile, I love her so much#bemyfuturecompanion - it was such a good day and it was so cool to see her area and to help her find new people as well. But wow, so nervous that I'm a STL…such a fake it to you make it moment.


Then Thursday this week us STL’S had a training with President Broadbent and wow, it helped so much knowing exactly what my role is. The training was at President’s house and Sister Broadbent made the best breakfast!!!! Just love them so much. 

Then after lunch all the sisters of the mission came to his house as well for the first Sister meeting? Or conference? I don't know what you’d call it but it was cool as!! Just love my mission and all these sisters here. We talked about a lot of things, our roles as women of the church, the mission doctor’s wife who’s a nurse as well came and talked to us about our physical and mental health and then President gave a talk to us about our roles as Sisters. Ahhh, it was the best!! And I was so excited to see Sister Curtis this week…
With Sister Curtis at the Sister's meeting

….which brings me to the next point, I was so excited to see her and to know about our investigators that I left, (mate so homesick for Ribeirão) anways she tells me the updates about everyone but especially Luiz and his family, I don't know if you remember about him?? I talked about him heaps on Skype, anyway he's the best, like so perfect and he came to church for the first time when everyone bore the strangest testimonies but he loved it anyway and he kept coming and literally knew that he found Christ’s church…but he had a crazy problem with smoking!!! He cut down from smoking 20 a day to 2 a day!!! Ahhhh Sister Curtis called him on her phone so I could speak to him! It's crazy how much love I have from this 50 something Brazilian man, it reminds me about how much God really loves us. Sister Curtis and I talked to President and begged him to let me go to him baptism!!!! Hehehe and President at the end let me yayyayayyayaya, his baptism will be this Saturday (if all goes well, but it will!!) so this week I fasted for my old investigator but it was the easiest fast of my life.
Sister Bennallack with President Broadbent

This week was pretty great except that we thought we’d have 8 people in sacrament meeting….and then what happened? We woke up Sunday morning to the HEAVIEST RAIN of my life…. You know what this is?? Satan..or maybe it was just the weather but im blaming it on Satan. None of the 8 came!! Ahhhh, I was so stressed, but you just have to breathe in and out and know that you did all you could. At least Pablo was confirmed yesterday in sacrament!! It was testimony meeting and he leans over and says to me “since I’m a member now do I have to go up there and say something too?” awww love this kid.

Also lol… we met this guy named Jorge knocking doors and he was so elect and said to come back he's home like everyday… then we’ve never been able to catch him at home. We tried like every day.
Sister Escoto was literally trying to convince me that he doesn’t exist, that he was a spirit of God that we saw to help us stay excited and to keep knocking doors. Hahah like it’s a good point you got there amgiaaaaa, but hahhaha, noooo he was real I swear.

Sister Bennallack 

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