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May 2015: The Missionary Training Centre - Provo

6 May 2015
Reporting to the Provo Missionary Training Centre.  Photo's courtesy of Kelsey & Donna Mercer.  Thank you so much Kelsey for looking after Sister Bennallack!
Kelsey & Sister Bennallack
Safely arrived… Here goes!

8 May 2015
OLA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!
My P-DAY is on Tuesday's here in the MTC.

But the reason for this email is, I have the greatest news ever for you mumma, I get to call home for Mothers Day on Sunday!!!

(but Sunday here, so I'll actually miss Mothers Day. GaaaaaAAAyyyyy.)

I'll be calling at 3:00-:3:30pm Provo time which I think is 7am-ish Monday morning, so Mumma bear you might want to be late to work. I only get to talk for 30 mins but that will be BEM!

The MTC is GREAT!!!!!

Our District outside the Provo Temple

My companion is Sister Gudgeon from NEW ZEALAND. (She lives in Utah now.) She's the best, she's also going to Sao Paulo South and there is also is one other sister in my district that is going to Sao Paulo South. Yeah boy!

America is so American and I forget that every time! haha! Portugese is so beautiful but it's going to be hard. Sister Gudgeon and I practice alot though!!!!

The MTC is crazy, so many missionaries everywhere! I'm learning lots, growing lots and I'm so stoked to be a missionary. The first day I got here, I didn't have a companion as the American missionaries don't come until Wednesday, so I was a floating missionary and throughout the first 24 hours I had 6 different companions! hahah, but that was fun.

Everyone loves that I'm Australian which is fun, but sister Gudgeon still has her kiwi accent so it's the best.

Pray for me and my Portuguese por favor

Sister Bennallack

13 May 2015

Red, White & Black & White!! 
Ola minha familia!!!

What a crazy 1.5 weeks it has been!! like, CRAZY

Missionary life is the best, like I'm so happy here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else!! Can't imagine what my happiness levels will be when I'm actually in BRAZIL!!!

My whole district dream of Brazil every night hehehee <3 <3

Minha Compiniara is Sister Gudgeon. She's grown up both in Utah and NZ, her family moved between both frequently for her Dad's work, but she currently lives in Ogden, Utah. SHE'S THE BEST and she still has her kiwi accent so it's fun being the foreigners together, she is such an amazing example!

My district is made up of only 6 sisters including Sister Gudgeon and I. It's the first 'all sister' district in the Portuguese program ever. YEAH BOY #thatsisterpower lol

But I love my district so much, we literally spend every single waking moment together. Study, eat, study, study, study, teach, eat, study, study, eat, study, study, study, sleep. hahah so crazy, but SO many hilarious times all day!!!

Life is the best, and my portuguese is slowly coming along. It's harder than I thought it would be, but it's such a beautiful language. We mostly speak in Portaingles all day which helps the language come along. We teach lessons, PORTUGUESE!! ahhh crazy but you slowly see the improvements in every lesson. Our first lesson we had to teach in portuguese was on day 3 of being here.... 911 help. It was short but powerful, it's not our words that convert anyways, and we were able to somehow get our message across. So scary/cool.

My language skills would be better if I did go to the Brazil MTC but it's okay, Provo is.... America! haha, nahh all goods mate, Provo is a cool experience. SO many missionaries here!!!

Our Sister District!  (Sister Gudgeon on my right, Sister Van Ry next to her)

But if another sister in my district gets her visa in the next week, they'll send her and I to the Brazil MTC and Sister Van Ry in my district does have her Visa approved so I guess we'll see if it comes this week!?? I'm not expecting it though, and leaving Provo would be so bitter sweet, love my companion and my whole district and Zone. At least I know that I'll be in Brazil in 5 weeks!!

'Being a missionary is just the best, it still trips me out sometimes, haha, but I'm SO HAPPY all the tired all the time, what is even sleep? Like by the end of the day you are so mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted, I found a good scripture about this that made me lol!

1 Nephi 47:17 "....Behold, I am full of the Spirit of God, insomuch that my frame has no strength."

(just so spiritual haha ;)

Tchau, Sister Bennallack

18 May 2015

First Companion - Sister Gudgeon 

So there is a Sister in my district, Sister Van Ry who has become one of my eternal bestfriends!!! I just love her so much, and I was praying the other day how sad it is that I won't see her, or get to be her companion after the MTC, since we are going to different missions in Brazil!
Selfie: Sister Gudgeon, Sister Van Ry in the centre

Then on Thursday we both get called to go to the front desk....

They causally hand us both flight plans. TO BRAZILLLLLLL



They are sending us to the Brazil MTC,

with Sister Van Ry

She got her Visa last week, we are also flying with an Elder from our Zone.

We leave Tuesday morning at 6am. (It's still Sunday here at the moment.)

I am so overwhelmed with joy and excitement right now! How extremely blessed I am to be able to have the worlds' perfect mission call and then experience both the Provo MTC and the Brazil MTC. I will finish my last 4 weeks at the Brazil MTC. I have been praying my heart out and fasting my soul out that I'd get help learning this language.... then that night I find out I'm going to Brazil.


I don't even know what else to say, I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy,


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